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Project Five outreach

Project Five Team

Sujith Mathew, President - Pfive Global


Jose Varghese, President - Pfive South Asia

Shiju Abraham - Website Director

* Team reports to Board of Directors

If you need to reach us, email at


Project Five Global Initiative (Pfive) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit Christian organization established in the United States to help the poor, helpless, and persecuted around the world. Our main focus is in reaching out to five regions worldwide--South Asia, North Africa, South America, United States, and Canada.


There are hundreds maybe thousands of ministries that work in these regions. What we hope to accomplish is to search out legitimate like-minded organizations in these regions to partner with to help reach our goals. Currently, we have partnered up with orphanages, ministries that work with the poor and the helpless, and with relief organization across Southern Asian Region. Stay tuned, our team will be posting in the near future some of our upcoming charitable initiatives.

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