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Image by Stijn Kleerebezem

The orphans, widows, and poor need us more than ever.  Come and be a part of this great work!

​Here are some of the Orphans we are currently trying to help.  


This is Ansu, she has been at Grace children’s home from the time she was 4 month old. She was raised by Ipsita Cherian and Varughese Cherian most of her life and she considers them as her mom and dad. She is one of many kids the Cherians are caring for. Please join us in helping build them a permanent home.


Meet Nissi! Grace Home was blessed with her in 2012. She was born in the village of Kandhamal in 2008. This angel has been thriving at Grace Home and is currently studying in 7th grade. Let's help build her a permanent home. Please donate and share!


This is Anisha. Her mother passed away soon after her birth and left her with her dad who no longer could care for her. He dropped her off at Grace Home and left. Anisha is a Sickle Cell Anemia patient and has been able to get the required treatments at Grace Home because of kind donations from caring people like you. Lets help build a permanent home for Anisha. Please donate and share!


This is Nikodam. He has been at Grace Home for the past 14 years. A few years ago, Nikodam was in need of a heart surgery. We were able to get him the care that he need because of kind donations from donors like you. Today he is thriving at Grace Home helping his caretakers with chores and being a big brother. Please donate to help these kids get a permanent home.


This is Mamali. Mamali is a special needs child who was born in the slums of Berhampur. She was brought to Grace Home at the age of 9 because her mom didn't have a place to call her own and wanted her child to have a place to sleep and food to eat. Mamali is a blessing to her siblings at Grace Home and is currently studying in the 3rd grade.


This is Arpah. She was born in Sikermaha village, and was brought to Grace Home in 2008 at the age of 4. Being a diabetic, she needs to have her daily doses of insulin. By Gods grace, Varughese Cherian and his wife has been able to provide the necessary care, and Arpah has been able to thrive at Grace Home. Help build Arpah a permanent home by donating and sharing.


This is Mudhlla Pradhan (Babu). He has been through a lot at an early age. Soon after he was born, his father passed away. When Babu was one, was learning to walk and fell into an open flame oven and suffered burns on his face, chest, and arms. He was brought to Grace Home when he was four years old by his mom and grandmother. They wanted him to have a better life. Soon after they were accepted by Grace Home, his mom ran away and left him behind.

Aju & Biju

These twins, Aju and Biju, lost their parents to TB and was brought to Grace Home in 2008. With the help of kind donors like you, Varughese Cherian has been able to provide for them since 2008. Let’s help build these kids a permanent home. Please donate and share!


She was born in Baliguda in 2007 and was adopted by Grace Home after her parents passed away at the age of 4. She is now in the 8th grade and doing well. Lets help her get a permanent home. Please donate and share!.

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